Badminton @ Hiltingbury Sports Hall

The current sessions are Sunday 23/0830/0806/09

Please see payment options below, payment is needed in advance now.

How about 2 hours of badminton at Hiltingbury Sports Hall, We can have up to 4 badminton courts!

The cost will be £3 per person for the 2 hours. This now needs to be paid in advance. Everyone that signs up for this will be placed on the waiting list until paid. If you can’t make it on the day and someone else takes your place your get a refund.

Unfortunately I need to book this 2 weeks before to make sure we get the 2 hours so this is the only way to do it.

Name :- P Lewis
Sortcode :- 04-00-04
Account Number :- 76849327
Ref :- Meet-up Name.

If you have trouble finding us you can call on 07847 784783 or send me a message.